Building an inclusive Web3 World for a brighter future for all

We’re harnessing the disruptive and sustaining power of blockchain and other cutting edge technologies to create a digital world of equal opportunities globally.

Our goal and mission

Our goal is to leverage blockchain and other relevant complementary technologies to build a better future for all humanity. We aim to accelerate the adoption and positive impact of the Web3 World putting into place and parallel development strategies.

Take part in the Web3 World

Join our hubs to accelerate the impact of the Web3 World

Web3 Learning Hub

Your Course Depot for all levels of blockchain education.
Get access to structured knowledge and kickstart or advance your career.
Learn all you want to know about cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology Web3 and the Metaverse!
Our courses are perfectly designed for beginners, professionals and software developers.
Let us figure out how to get you started.
It’s the perfect time to unlock endless opportunities in Blockchain and Web3.
And we have customized modules just for you!

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BBA Labs

World-leading Blockchain Consultancy and Development Hub for Startups and Enterprises building world-class projects and a thriving community of professionals and creatives in Blockchain and Web3.
Get your project built and reviewed by the best devs teams in the world.
BBA Devs consist of diverse teams of highly skilled blockchain engineers and full-stack developers.
We help you Build across major blockchain ecosystems and experience a hustle-free, collaborative approach that guarantees you a fully-functional, secure, and user-friendly protocol.

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Web3 Careers/Talent Pool

Find your ideal gig, sharpen your skills and work with the best teams from around the world.
Build your dream career in the blockchain space and get exposure to numerous opportunities across different industries. We’re here to help!

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Founders Hub

Borderless Blockchain Alliance incubates, accelerates and invests in early-stage Web3 startups.
We support founders with a burning desire to build transformational products and services that can change the world for the better.
Are you a founder who needs help bringing your idea to life? Join BBA’s Founders Hub to get the support you need.

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“I definitely think we need to make equal access to life changing opportunities a big trend. I believe it's a great concept and much needed if we want to make a difference and creating real impact.”

Founder, Lamar Eitow